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My name is Ricardo Rodrigues and I am passionate about games, playing them, and building them. I’m a Game Developer, a Ph.D. student at Técnico, and an AI and Games Researcher at GAIPS and INESC-ID.

My work currently focuses on the development of games and emotional artificial intelligence (the modeling of emotions and their expression). I have a special interest in C++ and Unreal Engine. I also enjoy studying computer graphic technics and engines making use of graphic APIs, like OpenGL.


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See the Projects Page or visit my profile for more of my digital creations.

Why Color Crow?

It all relates back to a Tattoo I have on my right arm portraying a colorful crow on top of some books. The amazing artist behind this drawing is Taylor Catclaw (@taylorcatclaw).

Colorful Crow on top of some books

Why the crow? I can say that it represents knowledge, the link to the inevitable death of everything, and the pain associated with it, furthermore, it is also part of the symbol of the city I was born in, Lisbon, and it is symbolically linked to tales of the unknown from authors like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe (hence the books), but at the end of the day I like the animal and the tattoo is amazing!